City Travels

I could discuss a number of things from the past few days: taking a giant walk around Chelsea when it was really cold, leg  pain from walking everywhere, my experience on the Subway, orientation, going to Trader Joe’s, but I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I am going to talking else: I think I found dramaturg heaven.

Drama book shop

OK, maybe it’s not entirely dramaturg heaven; I’m pretty sure that would have much more books on different types of history.  However, it’s pretty close.  They have what I am sure are hundreds of plays.  I got so overwhelmed going in there, that I forgot about what plays I’ve read or have been wanting to read.  I honestly couldn’t function. As I am writing this, I’m just remembering playwrights I like and kicking myself for just not thinking of them. The difference between me and some of the other people there was that I wasn’t looking for anything in particular.  Other folks were looking for audition pieces and I was just staring googly-eyed at all the plays.  I don’t even know where to begin! I ended up buying two things.  One was a book about learning Shakespeare that I wanted to look at for my future senior capstone (Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal) and another was the one play I could remember being interested in reading (Tribes by Nina Raine). This place will be good for my learning, but maybe not so good for my bank account.


Flight Troubles and On the Town

So my last post was made before I finished all my flights.  Here’s the end of that story:

The flight to Chicago ended up being delayed 30 minutes.  I knew I would only have 30 minutes to get to my flight to LaGuardia.  By the time my plane reached down in O’Hare and actually got into the gate, I had 15 minutes.  However, the airline texted me that there was at 3:00 option if needed.  Two heavy bags in hand, I booked over to the 3:00 flight.  I was told the other plane hadn’t left yet, but I should hurry.  Two heavy bags.  A few minutes.  10 gates away.  Ack.

So I rushed.  I told the man my other flight got delayed and asked had the plane left.  The door was locked.  But it hadn’t left.  There was something about it being delayed due to catering being delivered.  He got me onto the plane.  It was basically empty.  Like, each side had 3 seats.  None of the rows actually had 6 people on them. We were held for a couple more minutes while the finished delivering the catering and I prayed that my luggage got onto the plane.
It was a mildly bumpy plane ride, but we arrived safely in LaGuardia. Immediately as we landed, I got a message that I won the lottery for the musical On the Town! Only fitting as it would be my first night in New York.  I had applied for it on my phone when I still thought that I would be arriving around 2. But I still had time to spare. The checked luggage came out quickly and I was able to get to my shuttle towards Manhattan. I had to take a taxi to the house. I checked in, put my stuff down and headed towards the show.

The walk was cold and windy though really not too long.  I got my tickets, which were pretty damn good.  Orchestra.  I might write an actual review later, but overall it was charming.  I liked it.  I went to the stage door and got my Playbill signed.  Here are some photos:

Alysha Umpress

Alysha Umphress, who played Hildy, and was fab.

Jay Armstrong

Jay Armstrong Johnson, who played Chip, and I swear is a human rubber band.

Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman who is AMAZING.  There are very few words to accurately describe how funny she is.

After the show, I went back to my house and fairly quickly fell asleep.

Stuck in an Airport

I got up at 6:15 this morning for a flight that was supposed to depart at 10 for DC.  Then it got delayed until 10:36.  Then 10:24.  I was worried about making my flight to NY from DC.  I only had 30 minutes.  Then my flight from DC to NY got canceled due to weather.  Dodged a problem there.  As you can imagine, this was a fun experience for me.  A lot of text messages and phone calls were made to my family to get their opinions.  Tears may have been shed.  However, the folks at United are very nice and I got a flight to Chicago then a flight to NY from Chicago.  I just hope my checked bag got safely switched over.  Fingers crossed.  Now, I just have to wait a couple more hours.  Whatever, I’ll watch Netflix and knit or whatever.  Or look at all the Christmas Story stuff you can buy at the shops.  I’m not kidding.  You can buy multiple Christmas Story leg lamp items at the Indianapolis Airport.  So weird.  (For the non-Hoosiers: A Christmas Story takes place in Indiana)

The airport is basically empty.  I’m used to airports being packed with people.  Usually it takes at least 20 minutes to get through TSA screening.  It took me less than 10.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s before noon or because it isn’t during a major travel time.  It’s just odd to me.

At least I’m not flying Delta.